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J.W. Good model 24

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Thank you all for being so helpful. My first thought seeing it was that it needed some work, but with no kiln experience or knowledge... here I am

It doesn't belong to *me*, it belongs to a makers space i'm part of. They have one, much smaller newer one we've been using that has an electric control panel and another, slightly smaller (between the other two) that looks similar in age, possibly older, but less confusing controls. That was the one we were hoping to switch to(cone 7 max) but the thermal coupler in its sitter needed replaced and they don't make that model anymore. So they just got this one.  However, this one has the same sitter, as well as one I do own myself that's never been tested (need a new line run to my garage for it). The problem is theese guys don't seem to wanna put much money into this. (The other two of the three were given to them free). 

I guess at this point I just need to talk to them about getting a professional repair guy involved, assuming we can find one close enough. Fort wayne, Indiana.

And that tip knob, not only had no wiring to it, but it literally does nothing no matter how far you turn it. We turned it to 100 and it was still on 100 two days later.

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