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Ventilation Solutions for Mixing Dry Glaze Indoors

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I guess I said it all in the title. Our company currently mixes dry glazes out in the alley next to our building. It would be nice to be able to mix indoors but we'd need proper ventilation. We'd be saving lots of time mixing if we could do it right next to the sink. I was wondering if anyone has had or seen a set up with indoor ventilation like this before.  Thoughts?

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Still have to wear all the gear, the hazard is the persistent airborne particles.  When you mix outdoors they disperse quickly, indoors not so much.  Exhausting to outdoors is fine, but would take a heck of a fan!  How do you mitigate clay dust in your studio, a similar plan could be worked up for glaze dust I suppose.

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Dust collection is difficult at best. Fine particle dust is generated at almost every stage of the process. We are currently working on a best solution for this and observe the issue with a laser and some high speed video. Long story short collecting at the point of generation is a first rule which means:

  • When you scoop into a container to get some materials
  • When you transport that scoop to the bucket
  • When you dump that scoop into the bucket

Intercepting the fine particles by exhaust usually requires the use of an air scoop or pickup that has sufficient velocity to capture all the dust. If that's not enough for ya, then there is capturing all the dust generated by refilling any chem bins.

All that said, a well thought out system and careful use can minimize dust. Its likely going to  be very hard to be as effective as mixing outside though.

Here is an example of a well apportioned system at the Kansas City Art Institute. Lots of exhaust that can be used as you are dispensing, mixing, etc....


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