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Raku-pit firing -kiln building and trying new ideas

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You know in the past 6-7 years many folks ask about doing pit fires or building raku kilns or have strange ideas on burners or kilns in general or whatever.

Sometimes its and easy answer like the fellow who wanted to use a meat grind instead of a pug mill.

Despite the it will not work answer he tried it and broke his meat grinder-easy lessen right-we knew he now knows its a win win.

Many have unusual concepts about this and are asking if it will work. Some are completely unknown to us and we have no idea if it will fly others are more down home solid concepts.

The main idea is will it work???

One may ask how do we know anything about their idea-well thats a hard one -but at least for me I have had a few strange ideas and tried them out-I call it school of hard knocks learning

I once thought of combining raku and being portable. One could just get the trash can ready and have a very small portable kiln that you could wear around and when the pot was hot enough just bend over and drop it into the reduction material in trash can. I worked up the idea and tried it out.

So next time when you ask hey what if I try this just remember we were all nuts jobs at one time and may know about whether it may work from experience

BY the way my wearable raku kiln was impractical. So if your are thinking about making one, I have and do not suggest it as I'm speaking from experience .


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love it!    yes, there have been some really oddball questions lately.    sometimes it is just impossible to imagine what the poster is thinking.   and the secrecy of exactly what the goal is makes me wonder what million $ idea the poster thinks he/she has.

your photo does prove the old saying that "it has all been done before".  :huh::mellow:^_^:D

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rae, the man who actually did that used a bus, and traveled around the country having a great time.   do not know if he made any money.

someone at NCECA ask what the Airstream is doing these days and let us know, please?   i cannot remember its name.

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