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Ball mill - ceramic ball sizing

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Hey guys,

I've been lucky enough to pick up a medium sized ball mill, it was used previously as a stone polisher I think.  It has a 1/2 hp geared motor and octagonal body 500mm long and 450mm deep.  I was hoping to use it to pummel some of the local materials down to dust for use in glaze and clay bodies. 

Materials include, sands, pumice, shales and basalt rocks for the most part.

Unfortunately I dont know enough on the topic to phrase a question haha.  I understand that you use bigger balls to crush bigger items based on their impact and reduce the ball size to get finer material, but thats about the sum of my knowledge.

So I was after any useful links for ball mill operation and sizing so I can get my head around how to use it and what balls to purchase.  Assuming its too hard to make my own balls for crushing?  What particle size to aim for, for a specific purpose (IE Glaze material and clay body).  Pros and cons, water needed?

Any tips or things to avoid would be greatly appreciated :)




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