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Increasing the maximum speed of a Bailey wheel


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I recently started using a Bailey wheel and found the maximum speed was much slower than what I'm used to. Thought I'ld share these instructions I received from Bailey in regards to increasing the speed of their wheels in case anyone else finds them too slow. Super simple adjustment. 

"Set the open control box off to the side on a flat surface. Plug the wheel in and depress the pedal to achieve top speed. Using a small screw driver, adjust the Max dial to the desired speed level. Make sure the metal tip of the screwdriver does not touch any parts of the control box, only the plastic Max dial. Once set, unplug the wheel. Replace the cover to the control and install the box on the frame.

Caution. If the speed of the wheel is increased too high, excessive vibration could occur. Excessive speed can cause the wheel head to wobble."


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2 hours ago, Mark C. said:

and if if thats not enough call back  and yell for warp speed

Do you think that if I reach warp speed I'ld get warped pots? :P (I've giv'n it all I got an I canna give no more)

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