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Exchanging Frit 3124 for 3134

Medeli Alpaca

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I'm trying to make Holly´s Underglaze which needs 33.3% of Ferro Frit 3124, sadly here in my country -Mexico- that specific Frit is unavailable, but I can get Ferro 3134 and by reading Digitalfire I realized that the biggest difference is the lack of alumina, so I was thinking about increasing the amount of EPK Kaolin in the recipe and was wondering if you might have any kind of suggestion of how to modify the percentage of Kaolin or even another approach to making a proper substitution by  using the 3134, I know this is a matter of trial and error but I'm hoping to decrease the errors in the process... or perhaps I'm caring too much since both frits are pretty alike... any suggestion is welcome! Thanks in advance!


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Hi @Lesley Anton and welcome!

For the purposes of making underglaze, Frits are largely interchangeable because the important thing is that they melt. There are lots of different oxides that will make pigments flux just enough to stick to the pot. In the specific substitution that the original poster was speaking about, the only difference between the two Frits is their alumina content, which isn’t a big consideration in that specific situation. For the purposes of making glaze, the chemistry matters a lot more. 

According to Digitalfire, the composition of frit 3195 is here, and the composition of frit 3110 is here. You can see they’re pretty different from each other, especially in the sodium and alumina department. The sodium will affect both glaze fit and the bright blue colour, and the alumina will affect how the glaze runs (or doesn’t). You can try switching them with each other, but you’ll wind up with a very different glaze. 

As a side note, I find Digitalfire and the Stull chart on Glazy to be nice compliments to each other. Glazy shows you the what, while  Digitalfire points to the “why.”

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12 hours ago, Lesley Anton said:

Hi Callie,

Another similar question.  Are Ferro Frit 3110  and 3195 interchangeable?  Trying to make this Water Blue Original glaze and I already have 3195 here.


Thanks! Lesley Anton

Just to mention when I search the materials database on Glazy it also shows similar materials as well as other language matches and ......... similar recipes. So for instance I can get the chem analysis for each frit but when I search 3124 I also get a mason stain recipe that someone has contributed. The materials database on this site is extensive from the admin of the site but allows contribution from the greater glaze community . Often it’s worth the search which is free BTW

A couple examples below





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17 minutes ago, LinR said:

Callie, I am understanding from you that it is ok to use  Frit 3124 and 3124 interchangeably in an underglaze but not in a glaze?

Correct.  One has alumina and one is low alumina, they will change your glaze characteristics if you just straight substitute.  You can try using glaze calculator software to make an actual substitute.

Usually fritted glazes have a high proportion of frit so doing a direct substitution would potentially change the chemistry quite a bit.

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43 minutes ago, LinR said:

Callie, I am understanding from you that it is ok to use  Frit 3124 and 3124 interchangeably in an underglaze but not in a glaze?

Correct. Underglazes don't go into melt the same as a glaze. They're not forming a stable glass, it's more about getting the stain fused onto the pot. In a glaze, the different makeup of the frits will affect how they melt, durability, stability, etc, so are not directly interchangeable.

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