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Firing Underglazed Ware to Glaze Temperature

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Hi everyone,

This is my first post of 2019, so I wish for all of you a wonderful year, filled with creativity.

My question is (and forgive me for posting it if it has already been posted), I have seen pots that have not been glazed, no burnishing or terra sig and I'd like to know if firing a pot with underglaze only to glaze temperature. My glaze firing is to 1200C.  Attached is an example made by a local South African ceramicist Dale Lambert. I believe that her work is fired multiple times.  Thanks as always for your comments


dale Lambert.jpg

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What is the question?  I don't see anything wrong with not glazing pieces that aren't functional.  For functional pieces I prefer glaze to increase the strength and durability of the mug, bowl or plate that will be used and abused every day.  For a large vase like that, you can do what you like!  I can only imagine how much it costs to use that much underglaze though!

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Pretty easy to spray actually, especially Ombré  look. Probably not waterproof unless he has glazed the inside. Easier to do in lowfire as colors can be more dramatic with less hassle. Oh,  that could be done easily in one firing.

no issue with glaze since it is non functional and non food.

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