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I have been experimenting with gold lustre over the past six months - simply applying it over a stoneware clear glaze. I accidentally applied it to an unglazed surface on one of my pieces but I really ended up enjoying the satin finish of the gold. I tried to replicate this finish but the gold flaked! I mean...I know all gold lustre instructions say to apply to a glazed body, but I figured it looked so good on my accident then perhaps I could replicate it, right? Wrong!

I am looking for either a satin or matte clear glaze to apply onto a porcelain body so that the lustre can be have more of a satin or matte finish. This is for jewellery pieces, so I have some carving and slip detail added to the pendants, so ideally I don't want the glaze to hide the carving or slip trailing detail. 

It would be even better if this glaze could go in with my other pieces which I fire to 1260c, but not essential. 

- Ash

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You might look at the metallic glazes that are part of Amaco's Potters Choice series.  I have used the Saturated Gold, but they have others as well.

As they are glazes, they can go right on your porcelain or stoneware. 

I have used the gold on white porcelain and on red stoneware. The result, unsurprisingly, is different depending on your clay body.

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On 1/22/2019 at 1:40 AM, ashleighjt said:

Hi Gabby,

Thanks so much for this - I had not considered this option!! I will see if it’s in stock at my local pottery store! 

Take a look on glazy.org. There are a number of matte glazes there that you could try. I attached one we created for cone six. You can dial in your level of desired gloss by adding or removing silica to suite your surface taste.


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