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Mark C.

Talisman Sieve cleaning and Use

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After reading about talisman sieve use  and folks frustration with it and its cleaning I thought I would add a few use tips.Thes make that tool a real time saver and easy to clean up.

First realize they are a larger than normal item so cleaning is hard in a normal sink setup

First You need a different faucet set up at your sink to really get good /fast cleanup use

A large sink say like laundry sink also helps .Mine is from a salvage yard in 1973 and is shallow 17x27inches inside measure. I like a good backsplash so sprayed water flows back into sink

Mine has been setup like this since 1973.Well before talismans became available -The reason back then was to clean out large glaze buckets in a sink which I still do today.

You have few choices when it comes to water supply-you can use a large kitchen faucet where the spray nozzle comes out with a hose so you can spray the sieve to clean it

or you can like my setup have the faucet mounted high-Mine is cold water only on 1/2 galvanized pipe set up with a ball valve for a on/off.

The key element for me is the 3/4 inch silicone tubing. Its super flexible and you can squeeze the tip to make a strong flow to really get the brushed clean even thru the screen side

With either of these setups you can clean that huge tool in seconds as well as 5 -10 gallon buckets .

Without the right sink and water faucet the talisman is a pain in the neck.

With the right setup its a JOY to use about 1-2 minutes to spray clean.

Like a car they are fun  to drive but you must first learn to drive and get a license .Think of the talisman as the car-you need a few other things first.




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I don't need the volume of a Talisman, but thanks for reminding me that I have an old broad and shallow sink not being used out back! I've been using a standard laundry tub for clean-up, and don't like hauling heavy buckets in or out of it. The perfect solution :) 

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