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First time on a wheel...

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Don't forget about YouTube. Everyone and his brother in the pottery world has vids up....many offering "instruction" and a visual take on technique...just like being in class...


"Media" is changing things in a big way. "Class" will always be important stuff....but for those with no access to a school watching videos is the next best thing, IMO.


have fun. (the most important thing of all)





Well, pooh! I just typed a long response to you and somehow managed to wipe it off the screen, no going back. :huh:


I couldn't agree more about the fun. I'm not in this to get rich, much less noticed. With any luck, I'll create a piece that

might inspire a future grandchild to look in the direction of creativity.


Sadly, we live in a rural area without much interest in clay. There are a few people, at least that are public about it,

who dabble in ceramics, but mainly things like chicken statues, kittens and puppies with patchwork ears, and the

holiday trees with plastic lights that glow when a bulb is placed inside.


I did find a wonderful lady in Tulsa, but will have to find a day off work (falls on floor laughing hysterically) in order

to visit with her, or make a special appointment. As one who appreciates what little play time is available, I hate to

take up her day with my virgin awe.


Videos - oh yes! We have very slow connections in the boonies here in Oklahoma, so my viewing is limited to workplace

watching. Hubby and I were just talking this morning about how much life has changed. You can see anything, and

I do mean anything, online these days. It is wonderful to know that people are no longer limited by distance or access

to things. Inter-library loan is another great source of instruction for those who live a distance from humanity. Okay, just

a bit of an exaggeration, but you know what I mean. :P

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It has been my addiction for four years and has been getting me through the most difficult job in my life (actually boss who makes a stressful job pure hell.) When I wake up upset about work I divert my brain by thinking about ideas for clay or get up and go throw some pots before work.



Seems we have yet another thing in common. Do we work at the same place? ;)

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I started working in clay 18 years ago when my first child left for college. He signed up for a pottery class, so I signed up at our community college to share the experience. I didnot realize how much it would help relieve the stress of my jobs, school teacher, and demands of home.


When I wanted to start the wheel, my teacher told me to read a book. Can't tell you how many bowls I kept that should have been tossed. I still keep bad bowls for glaze experiments.


Best advice I ever got was when a friend sat down with me and showed me how to center.

Quick tips I learned for beginers:

1. two hands should work together as team

2.Centering the clay, let the clay come to you, don't force it

3. quiet hands , don't take your hands off too fast

4. avoid using too much water

5. use a sponge to dry excess waterpull, especially usefull if you have nails

6. Try vinegar in water to keep clay from absorbing too much water.



Watching others help a lot. Those on line videos are great for learning new tips.


Good luck

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A huge thank you to everyone who posted here as I've read everything single comment and taken so many notes down! A few years later from the original post and I'm now in the same position as WUVIE was when she first started. I've only just brought my first wheel so its all very exciting!

This post also inspired me to sign up and ask more questions, so thanks all!! 

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