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Glaze Accidentally on Bottom of Piece

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So I am an art teacher and I am fairly new to the firing process. My student accidentally glazed the bottom of this hat that is going to go on the top of the snowman. I know the glaze is hard to see. The color is true white and she did 3 layers. She did not realize that she couldn't glaze the bottom of the hat because she thought I was going to put the hat on the snowman for the glaze fire.

Well, my question is, can I do that? I do not know if the hat would stay on the snowman's head during the glaze fire, or if the glaze from under the hat would melt onto the snowman's head. What do you recommend that I do? She worked so hard on this and I would hate to see the hat go to waste!

** I use lowfire clay. I don't know if that makes a difference!

Pictures for reference

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 3.29.42 PM.png

Screen Shot 2019-01-09 at 3.29.54 PM.png

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I have fired things like that together before.  I don't know if that is the proper way, but I have fired that way successfully.( if you know your glaze won't run all over the place.)  But it fires the pieces together.  And if the two pieces do not adhere together in the firing, you can always use e6000 to glue them together after firing since it looks like it is a decorative piece.  Or you can wipe the glaze off the bottom of the hat and fire it separately on a cookie (waster thingy)  and then glue them together afterward.   I work with mid fire clay and glaze, but I wouldn't think it would make a difference with low fire clay and glaze.  


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If the hat is to be adhered then Ok, set it squarely on so it will not slide off when the glaze melts, else wipe the bottom and set it on the shelf or fire the hat on stilts. If the hat is to be adhered in a specific position then fire separately as above and epoxy it in its perfect tilt / place later. I picked epoxy as the glue because it will fill and has real sheer strength when cured. Other glues are fine, epoxy is generally far more structural To improve your chances when  others likely will pick this up by the hat.

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