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QothW: How do you see yourself in clay?

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Recently Johnny K. Posted the following on my profile:

Hey, Pres, How 'bout this for QOTW: How do you see yourself in clay?

One of the things about taking college level Ceramics courses it the challenges you are presented with. In the last course I took on Raku the professor had a thing for Xian warriors...the terracotta army unearthed in China. One of our assignments was to sculpt a version of one of these figures...with a twist. We had to incorporate some aspect of our current life situation into the sculpture. I don't consider myself a sculptor, but I wanted to give it my best shot. Since my primary interests at this point in my life are ceramics, farming, and photography but none of the statues were suitable for the pottery or photography aspects, I chose the farmer idea. It was a real challenge, but a productive one. Here is a photo of my Raku "John Warrior" self-portrait. , and the challenge..."How do you see yourself in Clay".1299123587_JohnWarriorsm.jpg.30ea4bb345e990b1968990a252eab7b1.jpg




So How do those of you out there see yourself in clay?




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Ha....this one was made just for me! These are face-pressed. The white one is slip cast, the next is porcelain w/clear and Pallidium glaze, next is stoneware  with granite dust , multiple firings, micro glitter & a bit of gold enamel (mounted in an open frame); the last was angama-fired.   HMS is my Hidden Mask Series--a bit of self-absorption with therapeutic properties.  The mask concept, using my own face, emerged in defiance of the ceramics instructor who told me "Art is not therapy" (no, art is spirituality in drag) and wanted me to quit because I was falling apart a bit at the time and I was arguing that I should be allowed to hand build if I didn't want to throw. Titled in order: Art Is; Two-faced Selfie; Assembling the Surviver, and; Emerging.

Art is.jpg

HMS No. 1-Detail.jpg

HMS No. 2 Assembling the Survivor.jpg

HMS No. 5 Glaze Detail.jpg

HMS No. 5 Emerging- Detail.jpg

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20 hours ago, glazenerd said:

Johnny K- so why did you ask such a hard question? Been thinking about this all day; the odd thing is- clay is totally contrary to my personality. Now clay chemistry is a 50.000 piece jig saw puzzle: solving the puzzle is another story.


Yes, I can see you as a glaze-effects jigsaw!

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I don't have an image of myself in clay, but I will take that challenge on in Spring when I am more clay-active.

I love Lee's series. Another series I admire very much is Robert Arneson's series of self-portrait giant heads that chronicle, for example, his cancer journey.

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