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It looks like that piece just has a lot of glazes layered on. To make the glaze thicker, either apply more coats, or just leave the lid off and let some of the water evaporate. If you want it to foam, adding a small amount of silicon carbide may do the trick. Some glazes behave poorly when applied too thickly, and will crawl or even fall off the pot, or at the very least will become very runny. And as you can see in the photo, you run the risk of them dripping off the pot and onto the kiln shelves. You'll need to fire everything on waster slabs as you do your tests.

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Matt Wedel Fat White ^06 - ^03 from CM March 2014 

Lithium carbonate 11.8

Whiting 24.5

Nepheline Syenite 36.4

EPK 2.8

Silica 24.5


For blue: 0.22 copper carbonate, for lavender 0.25 Mason stain 6385

Also uses: Lisa Orr Base Glaze ^06 - 04

Gerstley Borate 9.5

Soda Ash 15.1 (I would suggest dissolving this in hot water before adding to glaze)

Ferro frit 3110  63

EPK  4.8

Silica 7.6


plus Bentonite 1.8

He mentions using the Lisa Orr glaze for mixing with green stains for his flower stems and mixing the Orr glaze with the above Fat White glaze plus also mixing with commercial glazes sometimes. He uses a large syringe to get the glaze into tight spots and will build up the glaze up to an inch thick. He fires on stilts with a waster underneath. From the CM article re Fat White "When applied thick and on the appropriate surface, it can take on a foamy quality." So this might be the glaze he used in your photo example, worth testing I think.

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