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I've decided to start using flamware clay  to make cooking pots and I'm wondering if anyone has any experience or knowledge to share. I worked with an artist for several months who works with flameware so I know a fair amount, however my knowledge is limited to her techniques and glaze recipes. 

The artist I worked with soda fires her work to cone 11. Has anyone tried firing flameware in a wood kiln? 


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I have wood fired a few flameware pots, and they came out great. You'll still need a liner glaze, though, and that's where things get tricky. Flameware has a really low COE, and making glazes that fit can be quite difficult. There's also a great deal of liability with selling flameware. When the pots fail, they fail pretty spectacularly, like splitting in half or shards flying off, both of which present a considerable danger to the user. So make sure everything is perfect, and you have good insurance, before you start selling.

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14 minutes ago, glazenerd said:

Before it was called flame ware/ovenware- for decades it was called lithia ceramics.


Insurance...liability...exposure... More reasons I only sell tile.

Listen here now buster... Someone's gonna slip on one of your beautiful tiles some day and instead of thinking "man, I should be more careful when walking on wet tile", they'll say "they should have made these tiles nonslip!"


Haha I'm joking but seriously, liability insurance is not expensive and will save your hide.  People will find some way to hurt or maim themselves and it's never their fault.

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