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Can I use porcelain and stoneware on the same piece?

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Short answer: no

Long answer: it depends

Bonus: why


You can stain the porcelain to be whatever color you want, so that would be what I'd do.  The stoneware and porcelain will have different shrinking rates, different things happening in firing, etc.  You can build something but it could crack from the stoneware pulling apart the porcelain or the porcelain could shrink away from the stoneware, or it could all go really well.  The best thing to do would be to test it out on something


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It will work better if both clays have the same shrinkage rates-those are listed at the manufactures web sites.

It may be easier to use a white porcelain slip on top of stoneware-sometimes this can be done when the work is wet or after its Bisqued . Testing is required.

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4 hours ago, Oldmuddy said:

I have a porcelain piece that has some white stoneware clay that got mixed in to it. What are the chances it will come through the bisque fire in one piece??? Odds????


If it's well mixed, 100%.  If it's just a lump of stoneware in some porcelain, 90%.  May pull or deform slightly in the direction of the stoneware.  I was searching for a good white slip for my red stoneware and tried slaked and bunged porcelain slip, and if I put it on the inside of a mug it would pull the mug in on itself during the firing even though it appeared to dry fine.  Got worse during the glaze firing.


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I mix porcelain into my stoneware all the time (~25%) and have no problems.  It is well-mixed in the pug mill. 

I have also thrown pieces with 1/4 or 1/2 porcelain smashed together but not even wedged to get swirled clay in the final piece.  the biggest issue is different throwing properties/moisture levels. 


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I used to low fire bodies together, one red, one white.  I wedged them together, to create marbling, and used it to throw a mug.  I threw fine, bisqued fine, applied a clear, and came out of the glaze firing well.  Several weeks later, the clear glaze crazed, and some stress cracks appeared in the body itself. 

I would imagine this was all due to the two clay bodies being different enough, in shrinkage, that led to this defect. 

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