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Linda A

Kiln still stalling

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On 2/13/2019 at 12:10 PM, amanda b said:

hi linda, 

sorry I'm so late to the party. as it happens, I have a slightly larger estrin downdraft that provides me, the Oregon Potter community and everyone who knows me with no end of frustration and funny tales. 

fun facts about estrin I've discovered on this journey: they're out of business because they made bad kilns. according to the guys at geil who have been incredibly generous for literally no reason whatsoever considering I do not own one of their kilns... they've helped me to understand that estrin basically ripped off their kiln designs,poorly. 

so while at base what you have looks like it should fire like a normal kiln... it's a box with a damper and there's fire.... you're going to have to start ignoring everything everyone tells you because they have no idea how to deal with an estrin, and you're going to have to ignore all common sense. 

I've had some of the same problems you have. you are welcome to contact me off the site. amanda@ceremonyclay.com. what I will say is that it's been a great little kiln to really dig in with and there will be a part of me that is sorry to see it go someday. but it will be a very small part. 


Great to hear from you. I am so frustrated with this kiln.  Won't be firing until the weather warms up. I would love some advice from you and will email you.  Thanks a lot

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On 2/15/2019 at 9:11 PM, Bill Kielb said:

Good idea! I am guessing Mark would love a picture and any info on the burner you can give him. (Just a suggestion) We often use his orifice  tables along with others for burner approximation. One last note that I picked up on for you to explain to Mark. It was your comment about the discs. My guess is these are primary air shutters and leaving them nearly closed will make this burner very inefficient. He will definitely be able to help you quickly resolve  this.

Thanks for all the info.  In Mexico right now but will keep in mind all of your advise.


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