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QotW:  What is your favorite glaze effect?

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JohnnyK recently posted the following question in the question of the week pool: What is your favorite glaze effect? No matter how intricate or simple your piece is  I feel that it is the glaze that makes it what it is. As such I am continually experimenting with various effects and getting a good response to what I am producing whether it is a bowl or horsehair Raku pot. What's in your bag of tricks?

In the last few years, I have been spraying glaze, and for many years I have been using an atomizer to spray patterns and textures on my forms. However, after some searching due to restlessness on my part and discussions with John Baymore and others about loosening up my work, I stated digging into the unshaped cylinders, then stamping them with objects, and doing other manipulations of the cylinders before shaping the pots. Often this caused big holes and failures, but later forms with texture that when glazed with the spray gun at different angles would become even more 3 dimensional and look more textured than actually were.  So for me, it is the texture near akin to low relief in sculpture, the  dip and spray effect that comes after, along with the angles of spraying that I am enjoying. The form and texture, and the glaze process is so linked they cannot really be separated.





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If I had to choose just one style of surface decoration I would have to go with soda fired pots with flashing slips. It's not something I can do on a large enough scale to have soda pots for sale though. For pots that I sell, my glazes are getting more and more simple. I did a rutile blue / variegated visual texture look for a long time but a few years ago I started introducing semi matte glazes in mostly white with some gray and a coloured translucent liner glaze. Wasn't sure how they would sell because the look is quite simple. My white glaze now outsells the razzmatazz and it's what I prefer. I find myself getting more and more minimalist with my glazes. I'm not one for busy surfaces, I can appreciate the beauty of such work but it's not me. I've also noticed that with the calmer / simpler glazes I'm attracting a younger demographic of shoppers.

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This is a tough one-I have made a good living on glazes that RUN-but thats not my favorite

I like salt pots and and the flashing slips  and crystals  on them as well and heavy salt look of pebble.

The effects of salt like on my fence post demon dog series below




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My current fad is the use of soda ash, twenty-mule-team Borax, and  TSP solutions sprayed on to raw clay surfaces - especially surfaces created from dry clay embedded in the moist surface of a clay body prior to the surface being stretched.  Firing is cone 10 gas kiln. 


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