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Hey everyone,

Question for you. I'm going to be getting a wheel soon and will be working with clay and setup a little studio in my basement.

I know the dangers of silica dust and was wondering if an air purifier would be beneficial to use to reduce clay dust in my home.

What do you think? Does anyone on here have a studio in their home?


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Hi Kristy,

Welcome to the forum!

Recently there was a thread on home studios. 


As far as air  filters go, best to get a commercial one set up to handle silica dust. Units usually run quite high 1-2k.

When doing a search in the forum try doing a search in the main area . . .search is at the top right.




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Welcome to the forum, and congratulations on your new studio!

I don't personally have an air purifier in my basement studio. I work as clean as I can, and wet mop after every trimming, glazing and reclaim mixing session. By wet mop, I mean I pour about 5-6 gallons of water on the floor (the room is about 10'x12') and mop it up thoroughly. Preventing the clay dust from getting airborne in the first place is a better practice than using a filtration device to clean it up after its in the air where you can breathe it. 

I also have a very strict studio shoes rule so that clay dust doesn't get tracked through the rest of the house. 

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I use an old painted door for a smooth table...very easy to keep clean. I do my wedging on a 2'x2' piece of birch plywood. If I do anything with slabs, I have a couple of different size sheets of canvas that are easily cleaned after I'm done with the piece, and if I have to suck some moisture from  small quantities of clay, I use some of my plaster bats. 


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