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Firing a Kiln with Butane


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I'm new to gas kilns but I'm trying to build one for myself anyway.  I've noticed that most references to gas kilns say that they're fired with propane.  I've got two 15kg butane tanks and it seems a shame to  go out and buy propane if I don't have to.  Can I use butane to fire a kiln or is there something so different about the two gasses or canisters that would prevent it?  The clip on regulators are rated to 29 millibars, I don't know what that is in PSI.  Anyone have any thoughts or experiences with this?





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Hi Cary,

let's assume that you have access to additional butane. First I would do some research on the efficiency of butane vs propane. Then I would compare prices of each gas and do an efficiency vs price comparison. if that pans out, check on the cost of burners with an orifice that will handle each type of gas. At this point you should have a fair idea of whether to go to propane for your kiln and use the butane for your barbecue or a ton of cigarette lighters...Good Luck!


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