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Replacing Soldner Pedal - Cost? - UPDATE

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The chain/cog mechanism in the pedal for my Soldner S100 is slipping, rendering the wheel all but useless. The timing couldn't be worse, but that seems to be how pottery mishaps go. Has anyone had to replace one of these before? I am sure I could send it to Bluebird and have it repaired, but I just don't have the time in my production schedule to wait. The Bluebird/Soldner website is lacking to say the least and I cannot find any listing for a replacement pedal on any of the major (and some smaller) ceramic supply retailers' sites. Does anyone know the approximate cost I should be expecting?



For reference for anyone who has a Soldner wheel, as of September 2018, the cost of a new pedal is $489 and the cost to send it out to Bluebird to have it repaired is usually around $250. 

HOWEVER, unless the pedal has been dropped/abused or has water damage, these measures are typically unnecessary. My pedal needed some lubrication in a specific spot and two set screws needed tightening. Aaron at Bluebird/Soldner was super helpful and walked me through the process. The tune up took about $5 (WD-40) and 15 minutes. Now my wheel is running like it's new again.... or at least what I assume is how it ran when it was new. In my conversation with Bluebird/Soldner I learned that my wheel, that I got used from its second owner in 2010, was built in 1999. Not bad for a 19 year old wheel!


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