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are there any green food safe glazes

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2 hours ago, dhPotter said:

Wow - Looked at the Linda Bloomfield - Colour In Glazes - £268.24 seems a might expensive...

I'll ship you my copy for the bargain price of £150 :D

EDIT: On a side note for that book, there's some useful general information in it, then a reasonable amount of recipes for bright coloured 'clean' contemporary glazes covering low, mid and high fire. If you're more interested in the technical side of it I'd say the John Britt book is more comprehensive, covering glaze testing, firing cycles, loads more recipes, more traditional glaze styles and special effects (tea dust, celadon, tenmoku, oribe etc) If I was to pick one I'd definitely go with John Britt book.

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45 minutes ago, billbill said:

well....sooo many views , ive no idea yet were to start. but thanks all, i will work it out

some good advice here

What do you mean you have no idea where to start?

1. Decide what cone you're firing.

2. Find a base glaze recipe that takes colorants and stains well at that cone.

3. Test this base on your clay body for durability and satisfaction.

4. Start doing color blends with various colorants and stains for the color you need.

5. Scale up the test results to the pots you are wanting to use those glazes on.

6. Fire multiple tests and increase batch glaze size along with the test sizes.

7. Glaze all your pots in the final version of the glaze that you decided on and tested thoroughly.

8. Profit.

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I use a cobalt green glaze. I have used it on dinnerware. There is a photo of it on my gallery under the album Forum discussions. The recipe is there too. I am not navigating the new format well or I would give you a link.

Recipe is from Michael Bailey's book. Cone 6 Oxidation.

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