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Thanks for sharing! Really fun video, and I wish I was there. Beautiful art, both ceramics and otherwise, and

I hope you'll had a successful outcome. Its nice to put a video with a face, or a post (member) with a piece of art.

Congrats on the successful show!


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I really enjoyed you and your wife's work I especially liked you folded over pitcher. I thought your display stand was great but how did you keep the cups balanced on it did you use double sided sticky tape I have had to use it before. Denice



Thanks, Denice. The porcelain sake cups are cone-shaped and fit into holes in the Lizella Red "tray". The "folded over" pitcher also fits into a hold in the tray. I love working with both of these clays. The porcelain is very translucent and is made from the purest kaolin in the world from New Zealand while the Lizella Red is dug from a swamp a few miles from my house.



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