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Ill fitting ceramic mold question

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My mom has an old plaster mold that is intact, but doesn’t fit together that well.  It pours but the slip leaks around the edges now matter how tight I can get the bands.  Is there anything I can do around the edge of the figure to reduce/eliminate leaking without compromising the mold?  It’s discontinued and she really likes it.  Thank you for any suggestions!

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As OldLady says, stuff the cracks, both from the inside and outside.  Inside you need to be careful and smooth them out, outside, just slap it on and make sure it seals well.

A friend had an xmas tree mould that leaked, we stood it in a bucket and just kept pouring more slip, eventually the slip stated to dry and the leaks stopped.  Bit of a nuisance, but it worked.

Next step is to make a really thick casting and then fill the void with plaster.  Use to make a new mould, following the mould lines.  (The plaster gives rigidity to the model and stops the clay from drying too much.)

Or find a mould maker to make you a new one.

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