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Engobe for decorative use on bisque

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This would be a great place to use commercial underglazes. They're cheap, work very well, and are easy to use. Just paint them on and cover with a clear glaze. If you plan to make your own engobes, then I would definitely add some CMC Gum to the mix, to help with brushing and as a hardener that will keep them from smearing when applying the clear glaze over them.

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There is a term for underglaze, where the glaze is applied over a decorating/coloring material that has been applied before glazing. Then there is a technique of applying the decorating/coloring material over the glaze known in most circles as in-glaze. Both methods will achieve similar, but dissimilar results. Also, when doing in-glaze the decorating/coloring material us usually thinner as if too thick on the surface of the glaze will be rough after firing.  Experimentation on test pieces will always allow you to understand your processes and allow you to adjust your materials for the type of technique you are doing.




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I would test first and see what you like. i personally dont like the colour of slip/engobe and even some underglazes directly under clear glaze. i prefer to apply them in the greenware state  and then after bisque fire you just simply dunk in clear glaze. 

if you engobe  greenware,  a trick i discovered if you dunk the bisque ware in water you can see what the colour  (not exactly, but quite close since the bisqueware looks faded and does not show the real colour) would look like after high fire or even under clear. 

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