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Hi everyone !

I am in the processing of learning how to make my own glazes, and I would like to know your opinion about the glazes below.

How do you think the potter achieved these variations of colours ? Is it most likely underglazes mixing + transparent glaze on top, or do you think it's all different glazes ?


Thanks for your help !




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Having just finished running a bunch of line blends with pink and violet Mason stains myself, my vote is for varying levels of pink or violet stain in a transparent glaze base of some kind. I've used Mason stains as underglaze and in slip, and both of those techniques give a different colour quality and visual texture than in the image.  Colouring the clay would definitely also work, but would maybe be cost prohibitive at the saturation levels in the picture.  

Case in point: one of mine below. This is a clear with 3% pink stain over white slip work.



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