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Mid range usually means cone 5-6. Greenware is usually fired at cone 04 (be sure to know that cone has negative numbers, for example don't get cone 04 mixed up with cone 4). Glaze firing varies widely depending on what glaze you're using, what clay, etc. There are glazes for all sorts of temperatures. I don't personally know what the Laguna clay you mentioned does other than B-mix is usually a smooth white that is quite plastic and good for beginners, making molds or tiles, etc. The added grog will make the end product rougher but give more strength. When I started out I went for a B-mix type clay and it was probably a good choice looking back. Like dhPotter said the supply houses have all the info you'll need for numbers, what glaze to use and such. Be sure to copy a cone firing chart that explains what happens to clay at different temperatures. 

Have fun!

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