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Pricing for An Old Bailey Wheel


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Hello everyone,

Any price opinions on a Bailey wheel that is maybe 15-20 years old?  The owner was a production potter.  It is a Bailey Pro X with the optional table extension.  It is about one hour drive from me.  He is asking $800.  He said he has not made any repairs or had to have it serviced.

I think $800 is too much, and told him I wasn't sure about his price.  He told me to make an offer, but I don't have any idea what to offer.  I can't find the information about the motor size on bailey's website.  He has had it stored in an unheated shed for 4 years.  I don't know if that would cause any problems.  

I think I read on one of the many topics here that for a newer wheel 3/4 the price of the new is fair. The price he has is 69% of the new one which would come with Baileys warranty.  I was thinking I could offer $600 which is half the price of the new.  I know people say haggling is expected.

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I wouldn’t talk price until you have gone to have a look at it.

I’ld plug it in and turn it on, try the foot pedal to see if it starts and stops smoothly. Check the wheelhead for any wobble while it’s running. Hold onto the wheelhead, while its off, and try wiggling it from side to side and rocking it to check for any play. If he was a production potter its going to have had heavy use. 69% of new seems way to high to me. Part of the new price is for the 10 year warranty which you obviously aren't getting. If it looks good after you’ve done an inspection I would then give a lowball offer and be prepared to go up. 

(Bailey lists the specs under the "Custom" tab, it lists the current wheel as 1/4 HP)

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Thanks, Min and Mark!!

 My instincts told me that it was too much money.  When he said I could make him an offer, I was thinking I could start at 500, but I knew that might be too much especially since he cannot remember exactly how old it is and he did not have pictures of his exact wheel, but posted one from bailey's web page. 

He did tell me it was very "yellow from the clay", but I am not sure if that would happen.

In addition, I think not knowing its age and exact history  makes it more difficult for me to re-sell it should I  have have unforeseen  health issues as I age.

He has moved it four or five times across the country.  He bought it when he was in Maine as an apprentice and  has now ended up in Ohio making two or three stops along the way. 

When I asked about plugging it in, he said he was not sure he could find a cord to do that.  I will probably see if I can locate my 100 foot extension cords that I used in my classroom and see if I can go out there this week. 

Thank you again,

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As those wheels use mini belts. . . I think 4, and they have a tendency to stretch out, it could be they slip, replacement is easy, but an uneducated user/buyer would not know. Replacement is not expensive either.




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Thanks Neil,

I just got off the phone with Bailey as "old lady" suggested.   Mike at Bailey told me exactly what you just said as well as what Pres said about the belts.  He suggested that at the worst, I might have to put $200 in it, but it would be an entirely new wheel if the control, the pedal, the belts, and some other stuff all had to be replaced.  He suggested that would probably be unlikely that it would need all of that.  He did not mention the potentiometer that Marcia mentioned.  He also suggested start low and go from there just as Min and Mark did.  He also told me to go see it, take pictures, and send them to him so I will probably do that if the gentleman can accommodate me later today or Thursday.  

Thanks to all of you who have been so very patient and generous by answering my questions and requests for information.  You have  given me so much valuable information and I have been learning so much by reading the forums about my topics as well as other topics.  

So any suggestions how I should transport the wheel if it is in good condition?  I have a Pacifica Mini Van that is completely open in the back. Should I secure the wheel head or put foam rubber under it?  Should I use bungie cords to try to secure it to the back seat and keep it from moving?  Should I try to use some thing to surround the table so it does not slide or tip.  It is about one hour away from me and mostly freeway driving except for a  maybe 20 miles on country roads.

WELL--The seller would not budge. He wants $550, the foot pedal would not run the wheel at a low speed consistently.  It ran very very slowly almost half the speed of any wheel I have used at the college with the pedal at full speed and would shake at every speed.  I passed.  

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