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I just made my order to Laguna Clay.

I was a little taken back when I saw that 5# of Cobalt Carbonate was quoted at $236! $47+ a pound!

Copper Carbonate seems to have gone down a bit or stayed the same at about 9-$11 a pound, but I've been tossing that into my saggars like so much cheap white flour...

I use a recipe (Pete's Black) that uses both. It could be a pretty expensive 5 gallons...

Peter's Metallic Black Gloss  ^5-^10

Color: Black  /  Surface: Gloss
Custer feldspar       78.84
Colemanite             10.69
Whiting                     5.51
EPK                          4.96
Copper carbonate    4.19
Manganese dioxide  4.19
Cobalt carbonate      2.09 



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I would think that you could probably drop the cobalt percentage in your glaze recipe, especially with all that copper and manganese. Have you had that glaze tested for leaching? Awful lot of metal in there. I'm also wary of any glaze that says it has a really broad firing range like that. Somewhere in there it's either under-fired or over-fired.

5 pounds of cobalt will last a really long time. I'd buy less and hope the price comes down. It tends to fluctuate.

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Cobalt went up months ago as it  does in cycles . The electric car industry will drive this cycle longer and higher.

Thats why you should buy materials when they are down in large quantities. I checked my cobalt Ox supply and have just under18#s and cobalt carb is over 10#s.

Tin the same deal-buy big when cheap.

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