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Shaving plaster on wedging table?

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Does anyone have experience shaving down plaster on the wedging table? I have one that weighs a LOT and unable to easily move to the outside.
It's always had bubbles that's been deposits of clay and it's time to shave it down but I can't really sand in such a closed studio surface. 
I'm not sure what tool to use.. what do you think?


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Plaster is really hard. It’s very difficult to shave.  It squeals like a chalk board. Very painful for the ears.

but plaster still takes in water. However it is still somewhat fragile.  You can get cracks.

i can’t imagine how big and heavy the table is.  With lots of people around we have moved large heavy wedging table. 15 to be precise in a school setting.  

Can you throw a pizza party to get manpower.  

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