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The idea is these will be glazed all over except for the pointed tips. They will be glued to form a cluster like a cluster of coral growing out of a coral reef in a 3D mosaic with other forms.  I want the open ends to extend outwards into space and be fully glazed, the unglazed tips will be stuck to the surface and hidden. So far I have two ideas for how to glaze them, one much easier than the other so I hope others will say it will work. I'd like to do a ^06  but could try ^04 I'm not sure it matters, with underglaze. The longest is about 2" long. 

Would sticking them into a bisqued bowl filled with beach sand work or would the sand fuse? 




Sea forms, horns1.jpg

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I dont use much sand in the kiln and I would worry that the sand may move during heating and causing them to sink and fall but I would of made a bisque stand for them (using slabs with holes in) to sit in so you could guarantee that they wouldnt move during firing. Sounds an interesting project and would love to see the results. 

Kind regards 


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yappy, sand will not fuse at that temp.  you could try using medium grog.  i only see the large bulk caused by a bowl of sand or grog as a concern, not movement.

as duck barn suggests, another possibility might be just inserting them into holes in a slab.  not too thick a slab and it would have to be slightly elevated, maybe on half inch posts.  think putting witness cones into a support. 


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+1 for the slab support/cone pack idea. I did some Christmas ornaments about 2 years ago using the same principle. I rested a similar shape on top of some short volcano-type shapes I pinched out really quick. 

Although if you're just using underglaze and no glaze, you can just lay them on the kiln shelf like normal. They won't flux enough to pluck, although some reds might flash a bit and stain the shelf, so putting the pieces on a waster might be advisable. 

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@CBD: I didn't know that much underglaze wouldn't stick and didn't want to mar the surface by having to sand boo-boos off. Planning on making them the most matte possible with duncan neon yellow, as a color punch to an arrangement of other shapes, so that method would be ideal.

@Duck Barn & Oldlady: If for some reason I'm not satisfied with results I'll try the holes in a slab idea.  Past time to make some specialty supports for stuff that's sitting around. 


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