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Underglazes, colored slip and clear raku

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Underglazes will lift off the pot if they are applied too heavily. If you want solid coverage applying 3 thin coats , allowing the underglaze to dry between coats, works better than one heavy coat. For slips it's best to get the slip onto the pot as soon as you can while the pot is still as close to wet as possible. If the slip still peels/flakes off then you probably need to try a different slip.

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I have done both with no problem.  Store bought underglaze and studio made slip that was tested to fit the claybody.

But I don’t know how to answer your question before I learn the answers to the questions below. 

How do you apply the underglaze and slip? On greenware or bisqueware? When it is bone dry or leather hard?  How many coats? How long do you wait between the coats.  Your answers will help us troubleshoot. What kind of underglaze and slip? Store bought or home made? What kind of slip - casting slip or regular porcelain slip?

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