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special pottery decorating brush?

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abrush.png.4fab408dcf7674805022eb133130223a.pngHi all, I am wondering if any of you know where to get hold of a special brush to use when decorating pottery....I have seen it in action on various utube vids but they never reply when you ask questions...ha haa.  The brush looks just like a normal paint brush but seems to have another brush in the middle of it that extends somewhat 

wonder if anyone can help me find such a brush please.  I have drawn a sketch of it here. 

Thank you in advance.


Peterson Pottery Studio.co.uk 


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1 hour ago, Sputty said:

Hi Donna - buried in the middle of this thread (on page 2 of 3):

tools or methods drawing fine lines of underglaze

...is the answer to your question. You'll either have to go to Italy, or Spain, or make your own...

Seriously, read the thread. Your diagram is a good one - it exactly replicated the brush I talk about in that thread. But salvation is at hand: making your own is easy enough. Read away...

Thank you so much Sputty, this looks exactly like it. ..:) Hmmm bit far away though so looks like I'll be trying my hand at making one.  

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1 hour ago, Babs said:

Can get them over the counter in art supply shops in Aust.

I find not all they're cut out to be and making your own may be better imo.

I shortened the "nib" hairs and that seemed better.

Thank you Babs for the prompt reply, so you have actually got a bought  one?  have you tried making one too? I'm gonna head over to Sputtys thread and read how to do just that. :)

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