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Need help and info about an old wheel with noise and maybe off center

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If a wheel does not appear to be centered when it spins, can it be corrected?  If so what has to be done and how expensive might it be?

 The owner said it is "off center".  It seems to make a loud noise as if it is hitting something every time it goes around. She said I could have it.  I just don't know if it's worth the bother.  I have an mp4 video of it, but I do not know how to change it to put it in a type of file that will let me up load it to  this forum.

It's a very old Brent from the 70's.


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With the info you have given its a bit hard to answer.This is where a photo is worth a lot-you could post your video elsewhere and give us a link.

If this wheel has a bent wheel head or shaft and its has the flange under it to accept a splash pan then you simply buy a new wheel head and its straight replacement.

If the wheel head has no flange under it(this flange is just above the wheel deck and is aluminum colored and fits the plastic Brent splash pan)then its the earlier models. These earlier models have smaller shafts and  you will need new pulleys(the big one the wheelhead shaft and the smaller motor one and a new belt as well as the new wheelhead)

The wheelhead is around $150 for a 12 inch size-$250 for a 14 inch size. The pulleys and belts will add up.You will need a puller to remove these pulleys.These older wheels also have a old foot pedal which will need upgrading at some point.

My guess if its the old non flange type its not worth as you need to many items in terms of cost  but if its the flange type with the newer foot pedal(see below on foot pedals) it is an easy repair .

The other thing to look for is the foot pedal-the really old Brents(that have the non flanged splash pan holder) have a smaller more rounded foot pedal  with a rubber top and they are discountuined in terms of parts-so a photo of the foot pedal would answer this all for me.If the foot pedal is the old one forget the whole thing-it will be over $500 to get it new again with all the new parts.

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Thank you.  I am going to go get more pictures!! It has the yellow splash pan, but I did not look under it.  She told me today it is from 1998.  She was taking classes in ceramics and it was given to her given by a potter who was no longer interested in bothering with ceramics. 

Thanks again,




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Some other site like flicker?You could e-mail me the file just send it to my address-its the www. at bottom of all my posts.

If that wheel is a 1998 it a newer style wheel-you can buy a new wheel head and bolt it on for the $150 and its new again . You will need to take off pulley underneath. (a cheap wheel puller from harbor freight will do) 

Unbolt the 3 nuts and bolts and just bolt in the new wheel head -line up large pulley exactly where it was before e removing it and put the belt back on and you have a new wheel thats working great.

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Here are pictures of the wheel and the link to the video on You Tube. I tried to put it in the post, but it will not let me do that. Here is the link: Video of the wheel spinning and banging. You have to go to the end to see underneath the wheel






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Yours is a 14 inch wheelhead-buy a new wheel head from here


they cost $250 for the 14 inch -bolt it on as I said in above post and its a new wheel

The bearings are shot or someone dropped this wheel on its head-either way you need a new head with bearings -its held in place as I said with 3 bolts -make sure they are good otherwise you need two order them with head as they are a different head shape than standard ones.

good luck on the repair-a wheel for $250 is good deal.

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Thank you !!! Thank You!!!   You are very experienced and probably very skilled with repairing old wheels since you have a number of them.  What are the odds that there might be something more wrong with this wheel and if I spend the $250 I won't make it work properly?  Where are the pitfalls I would need to avoid?  What could I do wrong in replacing this wheel head that would ruin the wheel?   Does anyone know what model this wheel might be and what horsepower it might have?


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You need to look at the motor-there will be a plate on it that should state the Horsepower or amperage -post those details and we can help. My guess is this a model C our CXC depending on that horsepower rating. The model # is missing off the front. If this plate is not on the motor you could call Amaco/Brent with that serial number on your plate.

I'm also sorry as I have some bad news-I rewatched your video and this wheel is an older model without the flange for the splash pan meaning it may have the smaller 1/2 or 5/8th shaft size I spoke about earlier . This is not a 1998 wheel I could only glimpse a side view of your foot pedal as well and that looks like the early 70's models.

Measure the shaft diameter under wheel under the large pulley and post a photo of your pedal and your motor (is it BLUE????) for me to really id this model.I'm thinking right now you will need to replace to many parts-sorry for the above post but watching your vid twice was the key for me.

Answer the few questions I have for you to know for sure.


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