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Measure & Replace belts on Pottery Wheel

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The forum gods are not being kind to me. I’ve searched and searched this forum as I’m sure there has already been a post with my question, but I cannot find it so here we are...

My Pacifica gt400 wheel was acting funny, seemed “weak” and the wheel would slow when centering. Having zero-experience, naturally my first instinct was “I can fix this”, so I started taking the underside of the wheel apart.  And look what I found!! Even I know that’s not right!!


So I need new belts. 4 of them specifically. I see there are 42” and 50” belts on Laguna’s website. How do you properly measure the belts? Three of my belts were completely broken, so I stretched them out along the tape measure and from broken end to broken end two of them measured 49.85” and the third right at 50”. The fourth one is still on the wheel and I haven’t taken it off. Everything was so sticky. Why are the belts so darn sticky? Anywho, I’m assuming I should order the 42”, belts don’t shrink right? But I want to make sure before I purchase, because they were basically all 50”... and the belts weren’t perfectly sraight, theres a bit of a kink in each, so if they were perfectly straight they’d all be at least 50” I believe...

Then that brings me to the final question. How do I put them on and tension them appropriately? But I’ll ask that when I actually have the belts so someone nice can walk me through the process or direct me to Youtube.... 


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this is one question that should be answered by the manufacturer.  call laguna, ask for a technical person and explain that you do not know what identifies the different models and sizes.  you should get an answer immediately and no delays to order the right one.  you will actually have to talk to the tech so be prepared to speak with all info you can find on the machine.   DO NOT SEND AN EMAIL!!!

i have the same wheel that i got in 1972 and when i had to replace mine it was easy, do not worry.

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