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Can I refire a gas kiln?


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Hi everyone, 

I recently fired a gas kiln but there was very poor reduction and my pieces (with a celadon glaze) came out oxidised. Would it work to refire these same pieces in a fully-functioning gas kiln? Is there any reason the might not reduce as they have already been high-fired? 

Thank you! 

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Also, now that your pots have vitrified they will be more prone to thermal shock, so go up/down through quartz inversion a little more slowly; doesnt need to be snails pace, but not rocketing either. The only glazes that to my experience which do not get better with a second firing are copper reds, especially if you failed to produce proper color on the first firing. Such a small amount of colorant in the glaze, and since it volatilizes at such a low temp, if you miss proper redux, you wont get color as you burned off what you needed to make color.

   And yea, Mark is spot on about glazes running. Watch out for the runs.

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