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Hey guys...help!  So I have been doing low fire work (jewelry) for years and have just ventured into mid fire work. My question is likely somewhat dumb but here goes. I purchased my first bit of cone 5-6 stoneware clay and had a question about temps. With my work that I have been doing in low fire, I bisque fire to cone 04 then glaze fire to 06.  What temp do I bisque fire the stoneware?  Not knowing any better, I bisque fired it to cone 5 and then glaze fired it to cone 5 and none of the glazes turned out to look like they were supposed to. Thanks in advance for the help. 

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You might check and see what cone those glazes are meant to be fired to. I tend to push low fire glazes to higher temps than they are supposed to go and the result is often washed-out colors or even no color at all. Sometimes they turn out just fine but I'd say it's the exception rather than the norm. For better results be sure the glaze you're using is meant to be used at your final firing temperature range, even then things can go awry. If you're using any clay other than white it will affect the color of the glazes chemically as well, usually by quite a lot, sometimes not so much. The darker the clay, generally the more it's going to change the color of the glaze. 

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On 5/7/2018 at 9:51 AM, CHRIS PATTERSON said:

Neil thank you so much for the help....Could my bisque firing to cone 5 also explain the colors being different than expected on the glaze?

Maybe, maybe not. I would bet that because the pieces were already vitrified, you didn't get the glaze on thick enough, which could account for the color difference. But it could also be from differences in firing temperature, cooling rate, or the clay body.

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