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My mother gave up her teaching job to be a stay at home mom  till at least we finished school. Her mother was a working mom so my mom missed her terribly. Ma cooked for us healthy many course meals. As a single working mother I cannot continue the specific cooking tradition of my mother. I still get the a nutritious meal on the table but it’s a one course meal cooked every 3 days. Life does not allow me my family tradition of cooking. I love cooking and it helps relax me. On particular hard days I actually cook to relax me. It’s also a creative endeavour since I don’t follow recipes.  

If you really look say at the tea ceremony it grew out of a need of peace during very violent samurai phase. Well Japan has changed and evolved.  If anything (my opinion based only on what I read without having lived in Japan - just visited) they need a new tradition to help them not die from overwork.  

Tea ceremony’s beautiful but the reason it was created no longer exists. The samurai life has gone.  We need new traditions. 

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