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Binding Ceramic to Silicone?

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As others have noted, silicone can be very tricky to get to stick to certain materials. Silicone glues/caulks are not always 100% silicone but have an adhesive added to promkte, well adhesion and durability. Pure silicone is not very durable and won't withstand much handling/use before it will wear off. A rubber, like plasti tool dip, can be brushed or dipped on with great success, but may not survive a lot of dishwashing, likely isnt food grade, and microwave safe. I believe Matt long used tool dip on mug handles; might contact for more info. There are lots of other urethanes and other rubbers which might be better for your job. More details on what specifically you're trying to do with bonding silicone to ceramic might yield better ideas. 

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