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Marie bartlett v6-cf

HELP - bartlett v6-cf Won't hold temp

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I'm a newbie and have a problem with my bartlett v6-cf I use for glas (vary fire). The kiln heat up just fine in the programmed steps but when it reaches max temp it won't hold the temp. The hold time is 20min but already after a few minuts the temp falls. After 20min the temp had dropped 40 C.

I'm fairly sure the programming is right. Could it be a problem with the control unit or the kiln itself?


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Since the kiln is heating up just fine it sounds like it could be a programming error. What's your firing schedule?  (enter review program and write down the whole thing)

Welcome to the forum :)

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thank you for helping out ☺️

The program is i Celcius and tack fusing 



rate/hour: 202 

selected temp: 540

hold: 0


rate/hour: 9999( for some reason is shows as 5555)

temp: 800

hold: 0.20(20min)


rate/hour: 9999

temp: 540

hold: 2.00(2hours)


rate/hour: 51

temp: 420




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The 9999 instruction is supposed to cause the controller to go flat out in whatever direction is next. 9999 in a heating ramp is full power on, raise the temperature as fast as the kiln's elements can generate heat. 9999 in a cooling ramp is everything off, crash cool as fast as the kiln can radiate it out. However, I have heard scattered reports that sometimes the controller might react incorrectly to a 9999 instruction. I don't know the explicit conditions or whether it is just some peculiar malfunction of a faulty device. Your report of the 9999->5555 issue suggests a controller fault of some sort, possibly only a minor one.

Inasmuch as the 9999 command is "go as fast as you can," you might try a workaround by giving it a more specific ramp rate that in reality exceeds the probable physical capability of the kiln, and let the controller try to keep up. It won't keep up, but it will go as fast as it can. Try setting both of those 9999s at 300 or 400.  It would take a very powerful kiln to heat that fast and a thin fiber kiln to cool that fast. I'm guessing that neither of those describe your kiln, so you will get the same effect as if you had programmed the all-purpose general command of go fastest.

Another possible solution is try entering your program into a different User number. Maybe there is some  corruption of a bit or two where that instruction is supposed to be loaded into memory?

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