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A finished piece from this week.

Working  on found object texture tiles to be raku fired and assembled for a wall hanging.

Prototype dinner plate for a disabled family member, she has partial use of one hand, paralyzed on the other side. Theory is she will be able to push her fork to the curved in back edge of the plate t

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@Callie Beller DieselI really like the box form with the resist design. . . .works really well on the dark clay with the snowy glaze. I love making the boxes, and when I was doing them I could sell as many boxes as I could mugs. Time involved is about the same, but the finished effect looks more valuable for lots of people. I would display them with bath beads or salts, paper clips or other things. They work really well in bathrooms when you have toothbrush holders, soap dishes and other things for the bathroom. Some people even talked about using them for salt as salt pigs were not lidded.

As far as cold, snow, ice, and all that comes with it. . .these aged bones are not up to it . keep it!




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@Callie Beller Diesel(last Dresden. . . still finishing, sad about Murphy, scary)

Working with boxes can be really addictive, I did a run of potpourri burners in the 80's, tower with a ball shaped box on top, lid was carved with pierced decoration to allow the potpourri fumes to escape from the votive candle burning in the chimney base. So many variations of the same form can create some really neat pots.




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13 hours ago, Pres said:

@Callie Beller DieselI really like the box form with the resist design. . . .works really well on the dark clay with the snowy glaze.



In regards to weather, we had a couple inches of snow Sunday early morning, which is not normal for us.  So then of course the next day we got several inches of snow to really accentuate that point...  Funny thing is, it happened while we were at School, so all we could do was watch.  Luckily, it didn't impact the roads at all. 

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I mean, you don't live in Canada without learning how to drive in the winter. We'd be at home too much otherwise.

I was thinking the boxes would be ideal for butter, as it comes in 1 lb bricks here. These are of a size that they should be able to hold half a pound easily.

( @Pres, yeah Mr. Butcher and I were friends off for a few minutes over that one! There's more than a few bombshells in this one.)

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 OK, you two.   are you talking about an author?   i have been through so many of them this year that my library is searching for some to keep me busy.   spill it, please.

best so far  Cup of Light.   by nicole mones.   (porcelain:D)

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@oldlady Jim Butcher is an urban fantasy author who's largest and most ongoing series is the 15-book-and-counting Dresden Files.  They follow the adventures of Harry Dresden, Chicago's resident wizard.  Pres and I discovered we were both reading him in the "what are you listening to in your studio" thread earlier this year. If you'd like more details I'd be happy to share them in dm, but I should probably stop hijacking the thread here.


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This thread hasn't gotten much love recently.

Right now on my workbench is a small load of "sailing mugs", old school travelers. 


Also been doing some water etching on porcelain with shellac.


  Just finished some Christmas orders, still have more to do unfortunately, and I need to replace my elements of course, something always happens when it's crunch time.



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9 minutes ago, oldlady said:

need to be able to use more "likes" at the same time.

BTW, liam, you are also using bat inserts.   i have tried for 3 days to get my photo of bat and inserts onto my post re versa bats.

I love my bat inserts, I have 60 of the inserts and I know the old schoolers see them as a crutch, but I have never enjoyed removing things from the wheelhead and don't have space for 60 full size bats or plaster bats (though I do have quite a few of each).  They also take up the same amount of space on a ware board as cutting off the wheel so worth the investment to me!

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1 minute ago, Mark C. said:

Hey your  "sailing mugs", old school travelers.  are what we call Motion mugs or Trucker mugs or Travel mugs.I still make and sell them.

I attach a neoprene rubber bottom on them so they also make them no skid.

I can pm you a source if you want them


Ooo nice!  I call them old school travel mugs just because I remember my grandpa having them in the RV back before cup holders were standard in cars lol.  I had someone ask me if I've ever heard of sailing mugs before and thought it would be a fun project to make a couple dozen, as soon as I googled sailing mug I recognized it immediately.  My grandpa switched to the flying J nylon travel mugs shortly after that, and I think I still have one of those too, hah.  The neoprene sounds like a good idea for these if people are really gonna use them in a moving vehicle

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As to the workbench I'm overloaded with demand currently. I open my booth on the 11th -build it on the 10th same day I unload two glaze fires. Every outlet is selling like crazy -one gallery sent a email today as they sold all the tumblers today to one customer (48 of them) . I called them back and said more on the 12th. My  organic markets are outselling last year by a bunch. This years xmas season is nuts and since it my 40th something season thats saying something. To top it all off covid is on the rise now even here behind the redwood curtain.

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On 12/3/2020 at 2:33 AM, Mark C. said:

covid is on the rise now even here behind the redwood curtain.

Seems like it's rising everywhere.  We've just had another 4 weeks lockdown.  Now my county is on tier 2, but looking at another local lockdown as my nearest town has rising cases.

Too cold for pottery, concentrating on spinning and knitting.

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