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3 hours ago, Rae Reich said:

@Mark C., is the Seafoam Satin Matte on the bottom shelf of the last photo? A nice addition to your palette. 

No its in bottom shelves and bottom front in 1st photo of little kiln-I have had it for decades now and was running low on the old school talc that makes it happen.Min helped me with new talc usage and a new tweeked recipe .

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A finished piece from this week.

Prototype dinner plate for a disabled family member, she has partial use of one hand, paralyzed on the other side. Theory is she will be able to push her fork to the curved in back edge of the plate t

Wedding jar completed except for cleanup a little after it sets up some more.   best, Pres

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I did photos today. Here are some ideas that bear more exploring, although I have to test and see how folks will respond to them. Also, I found a much better alternative to the cover style travel mug lid. It fits a number of mugs in my personal collection. It’s been handy since we’re doing all the home office stuff in the basement so we can have some work/life separation and it’s cold down there. 



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8 hours ago, Callie Beller Diesel said:

@Rae Reich thank you! The lids are model 69-B


That vendor is Chuck and he is a potter-really nice guy-I have dealt with him for Decades. although he has dropped much of the potters line of goods.He is in Seattle area

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I got an invite to place some of my pieces in a new "artisans" shop in a town conducive to people looking for art, including some tourism traffic. Delayed of course due to the stay-at-home,  but I am making some items to try out a different glaze palette. Mostly large spoon rests, biz card holders, tea light holders & shallow tray-like catchalls. Should be fun.  I have some commercial oil spot glaze that I've not used yet. There is also a fish imprint on one of these and I want to do something different with the image-maybe a line drawing-dunno yet.  The main thing is there's "something" where for too long there was nothing. Yay me. 


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47 minutes ago, Min said:

I really like how it turned out too, looks awesome! 

REALLY not trying to be a killjoy but if you are going to be selling these maybe look into Trademark law. I could be wrong but the STP one looks like it's still active.

Yeah, I figure if it doesn't fall under fair use, since I'm not selling brake fluid, and the intent of the item has nothing to do with brake fluid, I can always change the design when asked.  There are a lot of ceramic artists using trademarked symbols on their work, some quite famous.  

Free advertising vs. damage to a brand.  

Now if it were some Disney product or something I'd actually be worried since they're well known for kicking people's butts for using any image or likeness, fair use or not.  And even then you open up Instagram and there's Disney themed pottery everywhere

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Finally getting some mugs ready to go into the kiln. Despite being in lockdown, I haven't spent nearly as much time in the studio as I thought I would. Seems there's plenty of other things to get done, and the kids are starting to feel stressed about being stuck at home so I'm spending more time with them. But anyway, firing this week! All that haze on the black will disappear in the glaze firing.


Striped Mug.jpg

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Ok I moved them from the work bench to the truck and then took all the little piggies(12 boxes) to market (a gallery) -just in time before the pig factories closed down due to sickness.

Now the factories are ordered to stay open but the workers are all out sick. Just maybe the top piggy will work in the factory and keep the piggies moving??

Strange time for the piggies

Time to make some new little piggies for market


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