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Ceramics Position @ Placer High School, Auburn CA

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FYI, Placer High School in Auburn CA is hiring a new Art Faculty to take over Ceramics. 

Job just got posted this week:   https://www.edjoin.org/Home/JobPosting/1016332

They want someone good, someone who knows ceramics and who will help continue inspiring and attracting students to their awesome art department - so pass this along to anyone you know who's looking.

The classroom is already setup - lots of nice butcher block work tables, an elevated wheel throwing area for their electric wheels, attached kiln room with a brand new Skutt oval and another 1227, outdoor kiln yard setup with clay storage, de-airing pugmill, a small gas kiln that works and a larger gas kiln that was acquired years ago but never hooked up (looks barely used, but needs work on burner system IMO).  It's a pretty nice setup for a HS compared to other studios I've seen. 

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