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Glazes that don't require heat/kiln firing?

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I make abstract designs and sometimes I print them out on a 3D printer, so obviously those are made of plastic of various kinds. 

I was wondering if there are glazes that potters use that do not require the use of heat in order to harden and cure. 

It doesn't matter whether you know it will work on plastic, I'll figure that out later.  I just need a list of any such glazes - if they even exist.

Also, if you happen to know if a glaze that you are suggesting is "food safe", please indicate this in your reply as well (I personally don't need food safe glazes but another person I know might find that info useful).

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I can't think of anything either that resembles glaze and is a cold surface other than paint.  Closest thing I could suggest is silicone ( and possibly clear epoxy resin)  

There are silicone casting products that are rated food-safe - an example would be Smooth-On "SORTA-Clear", which is a translucent silicone rubber (I think you can tint/color it too?)

Not sure about the epoxy resin products.  I'd assume fine for cold items, but not for warm items.  Silicone is good up to at least 400+*F, you can stick it in the oven for baking or pour molten sugar in them for candy, etc.

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