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Custom titles are back!


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This is a feature we used to have before the big software update of last summer. And now it’s back! 

If you are an “Advanced Member,” which means you have made 30 or more posts to the forum, you can change your title from “Advanced Member” to anything you want. Go to your Profile, then click Edit Profile. You’ll see the field which is now editable. 

You may have noticed that some members have custom titles, while not being able to change your own. Those with custom titles changed them before last summer. But now the feature is available to all Advanced Members again.

If your rank is still “Newbie” or “Member,” you will gain this feature when you reach 30 posts. 

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22 minutes ago, Denice said:

I'll have to think about that,  being a Advanced Member make me feel like someone who is smart and contributes to the forum.   Denice

You are free to keep the Advanced Member title! And you are a valuable contributor no matter what you choose. 

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