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During this past week myself and several friends have found ourselves in print.

The sad one is a tribute to the life of Betty Woodman, 

My friend Shamai from Israel is in Neue Ceramics, Alvin from Korea is in Ceramic Arts and Perception. Clara has published the first Italian translation of Leach’s The Potters Books, I’m in the Spanish Revistas Ceramicas, and my Montana Friend, Sue Tirrell who made it onto the cover of Ceramics Monthly! What a week!  I guess people are reading!




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just got another friend today  with an article about her in Neue Ceramics, Corrie Bain. She is Scottish grew up in Greece in her father's pottery studio, educated in Scotland, apprenticed in Korea, worked in Germany and now teaches in Spain.I am working on an article about her as we speak. I am starting to feel like Forrest Gump of the ceramic magazine world. 

Thanks Pres and Mark.


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On 1/11/2018 at 7:14 AM, Pres said:

Even better yet to be written about, to have their talents recognized.

Alvin, from Korea will be part of our wood firing group at La meridiana. He is especially pleased with his Article of his work in Arts and Perception. 





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