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Hello all!

I was researching opacifiers today and came across the page for Titanium Dioxide on Digitalfire.com  (https://digitalfire.com/4sight/material/titanium_dioxide_1644.html).

It says that you can spray it over a glaze to achieve variegated effects, like a crystalline tea-dust look. I was wondering if anyone here has had experience with this and could give me some tips for dry material to water ratio, or any other knowledge that may come in handy. I have never sprayed any glazes before.

Thanks much! :D

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You don't have to spray it over like that example pot, it can be added into the glaze instead.

It it a very nice looking outside and I am sure the spraying has a little to do with that.  As to how much you should put in a glaze, it depends. 6-13% at a guess. The iron in the base glaze is also helping a lot with the look.

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