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Strange brown specks !

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Hi all

If anyone can identify these funny brown specks I'd  appreciate it.

They are on a white earthenware that I had fired up to 200C  over a few hours and then candled   I did this to eliminate the moisture as I had had big problems when firing before with explosions.

I usually just bisque fire and haven't noticed these specks before. The slabs are resting on silica sand which I haven't used before either. 

Thanks Julia 

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1 hour ago, Min said:

Just as an aside, 200C / 390F is awfully hot to be candleing at. (around  85C / 185F and up to 93C / 200F works for me)


I agree. The purpose of candling is to drive off the water before it has a chance to turn to steam. Once you're above 100C you're not really gaining anything by holding temp there, and the chances of blowing something up greatly increase.

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