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Best Books/magazines/resources For Making Cone 5/6 Glazes


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Hey everyone!


I'm in the process of creating a home studio, and I thought it would be a great idea to start making my own glazes. What are some good resources, magazines, or books that have helped you guys when it comes to introductory to advanced glaze making? Also, are there any tips or suggestions when I'm starting out! Thank you so much and any input would be greatly appreciated.

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Welcome to the forum, Jothamhung


here are some great books in the order of their publication:


Mastering ^6 Glazes by Ron Roy and John Hesselberth

^6 Glazes by Michael Bailey

Mid-range Glazes by John Britt


There are also Glaze board on social Media 

and CAD now ICAN the host for this site has subscriptions for magazines and this https://ceramicartsnetwork.org/magazines-subscriptions/ceramic-recipes/

So there is a lot of information out there.



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Digitalfire has a few cone 6 glaze recipes, along with an explanation of why certain materials were used and how to adjust if needed. I agree with Tony Hansen when he says focus on making one glaze and adjusting to suit your needs instead of trying 10 different recipes without knowing how to adjust them.



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well do you have umpteen time? and a curiosity for testing? then welcome to the glaze world. here is sunshine cobb who doesn't care about glaze making so she buys her pint size bottles. http://www.sunshinecobb.com she tested to get a good fit but didn't want to test for all the issues with that comes with glazemaking. 


however if you don't plan to sell its a different story. 


if you plan to sell remember to test your clays and your glazing. i would look at stuff and see what kind of outcomes you like and just stick to a handful of glazes to make your life easier.


if i were in your shoes, i'd focus on the Ron Roy book and limit my options to the ones he has. they are sorta boring but they are sure shot safe (my no. 1 priority), but to get the handsome ones involves a LOT of time and effort and testing. i think the one he has on his cover is an unstable one that doesn't always come out that way. 


i have the john britt book and i find it overwhelming. 

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I just bought the John Britt Mid-Range Glazes and love it! Not only does it contain a large library of glazes, but there is a lot of great information on components we use to make glazes and various firing schedules. I also have Electric Studio: Making & Firing from the Ceramic Arts Handbook Series--good general information and a few glaze recipes.


I really want to get the Roy and Hesselberth book, it's next on my list!


Happy glazing,



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