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Shellac As A Cold Finish?

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I'm wondering if anyone has experience with using shellac or other varnish as a cold finish on a cone 6 body. I'm making some small nonfunctional work that I would ideally love to glaze clear over underglaze, but it's very 3-dimensional and trying to glaze fire it is a nightmare/logistical impossibility. I'm thinking of underglazing, firing, then using shellac but I'm not finding much info on shellac as a cold finish for pottery. I hate the idea of it deteriorating, getting sticky, etc. over the years.



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There is a blond shellac that yellows less than the shellac you can get at a big box store, but it still yellows. It comes in flakes and you have to mix it with alcohol. Another downside is shellac isn't alcohol or water resistant which means will get cloudy if these two items come in contact with the finish. But you are talking nonfunctional work so that may not be a problem.


Varnish (oil based) dries by absorption so it will sit on top of vitrified clay and remain sticky. Its also yellows but that is besides the point if its sticky.


Personally I never liked water based poly because of its blue tint (they call that non-yellowing) so I can't speak about this because I never use the stuff. (I like a wood finish that has an amber glow)


Marcia has the right idea, go with a UV resistant acrylic spray. But first test it on a sample piece.


Let us know how it works out.

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