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Concrete And Terra Cotta For Craft Show Weights?

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Hi! I'm doing my first big craft show in a few weeks and I'm trying to figure out some aspects of my display. I've designed a pipe and drape system from old copper pipes and was thinking i could use big(ish) terra cotta vase shapes filled with concrete to house the bottoms of my legs and act as weights.


Has anyone had experience filling a ceramic form with concrete? Does it crack or cause any problems? I'd also love some feedback on trade show set-up tips.




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If this is a one time deal any weight that fits inside your 10x10 works

If you are going to do this a lot buy 3 feet of solid 2x2 steel stock and drill a hole thru the end for a nylon loop this fits on your four legs so buy 4 of them

Tye the loop to canopy frame Top with adjustable straps and bungie them to legs

You can paint the steel any color as well

Funky leg weights drive me nuts if you are my neighbor at show

Just keep all your weights in your space

Concrete and Tera Cora will break and look funky after a few showstopper

I just saw while typing it's an indoor show so you do not need weights unless they are required???

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Agree with Mark, if it's an indoor show are you sure you need weights at all? When I'm indoors, I leave the weights at home.


If yes, I would steer you away from the terracotta idea as well. Too breakable. They would work for an occasional indoor settng, but it's a lot of effort to make something that only works sometimes.


I also use the steel bar weights. But you can make very affordable weights with PVC pipes filled with cement. This is what I see most artists using. They are sturdy enough to last a long time, indoors and out.


(ps, dazzle, I took a peek at your website and your pots are really nice. Best wishes for your first big show!)

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